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Balneo - medical care

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Medical care in Marienbad spa

The medical care in Marienbad has a long and glorious tradition. Initially, doctors come directly to the patients on the spa colonnade.

Today, spa experienced doctors - balneologs are working directly in the spa hotels, spa hospitals and nursing homes.

Description of the procedures

Current hurried lifestyle brings other health problems that we call civilization diseases. Our aim during the spa treatment (14-28 days) or reconditioning stay (1 week) is an individual approach, not only to provide their own treatment (procedures, dietetics), but also help to correct your wrong in your lifestyle habits maintained by most of the year, so you know, how and when you should prevent potential risks of the disease.

Bubble bath

Bath contains at least 1.000 mg of carbon dioxide in 1 kg of water at a temperature of 28-34 ° C. Carbon dioxide penetrates the skin, increases the blood circulation as a result of this reaction is a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, and overall mental calm.

Dry gas bath

It is an application of natural gas, which flows in Marienbad, contains 99.7% CO2 and is administered by dry gas bath (gas envelope). Gas is absorbed through the skin, has the extension of small surface and subsequently the deep veins and directly affects the receptors in the skin. It improves blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, speeds wound healing and positively affects kidney function.

Gas injection

When this procedure is applied Marie gas (99.7% CO2) into the dermis In the field of joints and spine. The main effect is to reduce pain, improve blood circulation and speeding up the healing. We apply 200 ml of gas, divided into batches of 10 to 50 ml.

Mud wraps

It is a form of heat-treatment. Mud is applied as a wrap in a layer of 3-5 cm, a temperature of 38-44 ° C in the skin for 20 min. During this time, hyperaemia, spasmolytition effect due to the transfer of heat to the body, the skin first, then into the deeper structures, transfer of ions into the organism, especially sulfur, iodine, iron and especially humic acids, which have anti-inflammatory effect.

Paraffin wrap for hands

We repeated the method of direct immersion of hands into a tub of paraffin at a temperature of 55 ° C. Then wrap your hands into two layers (plastic bag, towel). 20 min application period.


Mineral water is used to improve the function of the lining of the airways, anti-inflammatory, mucus and facilitate fluid expectoration.Toward mineral waters as a basis for inhalation may deliver therapies for severe cases of shortness of breath, a natural salt for catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, or infusions of herbs

Oxygen therapy by prof. von Ardenneho

Mineral water is used to improve the function of the lining of the respiratory tract, anti-inflammatory, mucus and facilitate fluid expectoration. Toward mineral waters as a basis for inhalation may deliver therapies for severe cases of breathlessness, natural salt for catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, or infusions of herbs.

Classical massage

It is a pleasant procedure, which involves blood circulation and improves muscle function and thereby reduces pain. Classic massage combines with wrap or as preparation for an individual therapeutic exercise. Duration massage 15-30 min.

Aroma bath with aroma massage

It is a positive effect of the concentration of the impact of a massage oils and a vegetable oils. This is a very gentle massage of the whole body (omitting only the intimate parts of the body) with a deep relaxation, which increases the life energy.

Reflex massage

It is a mechanical action on hyperalgition zones that accompany diseases of internal organs. It is used to set special techniques and touches, there are three basic groups - neck, back and pelvis. Duration massage is 20 min. Read more

Reflexive foot massage

This is the stimulation of acupressure points in the micro-soles feet. With special massage affects the technical and internal organs, improves autonomic balance, accelerates healing and counteract the pain. This massage is recommended for insomnia, depression, but also to improve the overall health status.

Lymphatic instrument massage legs

Using the legs, which are divided into chambers in which air is blown, there is a pressure on the lower limbs so that the improved flow of body fluids

Pearls Bath

At the bottom of the tub is kept punching grid, which is fed compressed air under a pressure of about 0.15 MPa. Gas bubbles rising from the bottom to the surface and work gently massage. 15 min application period.

Underwater massage

With the water flow is controlled effort to improving a blood flow, release the contracture and improve the nutrition of tissues. Acts analgesic.




Therapeutic exercises in the pool

Performed in a group up to 8 people in a rehabilitation pool (10x5) at 30 ° C. In addition to the therapeutic effect of physical education are welcomed to apply influence of water and its temperature.

An individual therapeutic exercise

According to agreement between the doctor, physiotherapist and the client lays down the procedures and techniques to improve movement, strength and overall function of the musculoskeletal system.

Electrical therapeutic procedures

Uses the effect elektroanalgesie and electrical stimulation effect. Interference currents (four-pole and two pole), TENZ currents, Russian stimulation, strengthening muscles.


At therapeutic doses, ultrasound acts as a micro. In combination with paraffin wrap using it to treat prostatics. Duration of 3-10 min

Pulsed magnet therapy

Magnetic fields generally raises the followings:

- Vasodilatation

- Analgesic activity

- Anti-inflammatory effects