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  • Golf Hotel Morris Mariánské Lázně
  • Golf Hotel Morris Mariánské Lázně
  • Golf Hotel Morris Mariánské Lázně
  • Golf Hotel Morris Mariánské Lázně
  • Golf Hotel Morris Mariánské Lázně


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The hotel Morris is general partner – Royal Golf Club Marienbad

Golf course is taking place at the Royal Golf Club Marienbad, which is located only 50 meters from our hotel.

View the photo gallery golf course Royal Golf Club Marienbad!

When bad weather is at yor disposal Golf Simulator is avalible directly in hotel!

Other Golf courses around

Golf Club Carlsbad

Is our traditional partner. We truly recommend a visit of the unique high-quality 18 hole's Carlsbad course. Journey by car takes about one hour to the Carlsbad resort. Golf course has different character, than the course in the Marienbad. Course in Marienbad and course in Carlsbad complement each other perfectly. Holes are laid in the woods.

Astoria Golf Club Cihelny

Is a new, perspetive club. His new prosesional and full course completed in 2001 and is important contribution for this ,,regional golf“. Holes are located around a river called "Teplá“.

Golf Club Francis Spa

Is latest club in region. His 18 holes course was opened in 2003.

Golf Club Stiftland

Much closer you can get this course in  a German area. Enables high-quality game and end of seasons.

Golf Club Hot Monastery

It was built recently in the area of Hot Monastery, by car approximanetly 20 minutes from the hotel. Course has 9 holes.

Golf Club Schwanhof

Course with 18 holes in Germany. Weather here allows you to play the game any time, when weather in Mariendbad is not that good.

Golf Club Hof

Offers course with 18 holes.

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