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  • Golf Hotel Morris Mariánské Lázně
  • Golf Hotel Morris Mariánské Lázně
  • Golf Hotel Morris Mariánské Lázně
  • Golf Hotel Morris Mariánské Lázně
  • Golf Hotel Morris Mariánské Lázně

Tips for Trips


more info about activities and events in Mariánské Lázně here.


Miniaturpark - Bokynzvart+deti_velky.jpgheminium

  • Educating-exploring tour through the beautiful natural park with exact replicas  (1:25 scale) of significant buildings and technical sights of the Czech Republic.

100 m to the right from the upper cable car station

about 10 min walk from the hotel



Municipal swimming pool

  • Indoor swimming pool offers 25 m long pool and child friendly pool. Other services include heath room, whirpools, hair salon, massage salon and a bar.

  • Admission fees -  single, groups, chips




Weiden aquapark - Weidener Thermenwelt


  • 90 km from Mariánské Lázně - close to the Czech boarder.

  • Indoor part offers two swimming pools with diving boards and couple of pools with 1,35m depth.

  • Whirlpool with 36˚C warm water, 3 saunas with temperature from 60 to 90˚C, lounge, 107m long water slide (ends outside) and many artificial islands, palm trees and waterfalls.

  • Outdoor space offers the wild river, part of the water slide, smaller pool and green fields for sunbathing.

  • Refreshments and tanning salon.

  • Open daily throughout the whole year. On Mondays from 2pm to 10pm.

  • All-day admission costs 9EUR for persons 18 years old or older, 5EUR for persons younger then 18 years old.


Educative Path through the Spa woods pěší turistika.jpg

  • Walk on the educative path from the upper cable car station through the Spa woods.
  • There are many very interesting information boards from which You will learn about the fauna, flora, local history, environment and social interests etc.
  • The whole tour is 5,2 km long and open all year long.




P1100343.JPGThe lookout tower Hamelika

  • The stone tower is located on the Hamelike hill 722,6 m above the sea level and was built in 1876 in romantic style.
  • Round, 20m tall stone tower with 5,5m in diameter has left-handed staircase with exactly 100 stairs.

The tower is situated 1,5km from the upper cable car station - about 15 min walk.





Don't hesitate and get your schooter right by the hotel or the cable car!


  • Try out the down-hill ride on our off-road scooters from the upper cable car station Krakonoš.

  • Take the cable car to the top and ride your schooter on the paths and down the slopes.

  • Rental shop is by the cable car Koliba platform.





Singing fountain

  • The fountain is situated right in front of the Main Colonnade.
  • The Singing fountaind plays daily from 7 am every odd hour, the light show starts at 9pm and 10pm.
  • The Singing fountain first played on April 30 1986.



Fallow Deer preserve

  • The Preserve is situated close by the Krakonoš hotel.
  • It interfears with enclosed green field where the visitors can observe the does and fallow deer.








Educative path Kladská

  • 9 km away from Mariánské Lázně
  • 8 informative boards - stations
  • Accessibiliti with a bus from Mariánské látně or
  • walk on marked touristic paths
  • Total length of the path is 1,6 km