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Zorbing- teambuilding

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In cooperation with the Agency NEW DAY now have a unique opportunity to experience with your company unique and unusual experience. Zorbing is a pleasant surprise your employees or make a big impression on its trading partners. Anyway, when hosting a corporate event and you decide to take advantage of this activity, you will truly original and certainly this choice succeed.

We offer rental zorbing to corporate, social, cultural and promotional events. Activity is leased, including staff training (approx 5 people).

Our zorbing tracks are situated in a beautiful environment, in addition to all amenities and facilities that our hotel.

How would a good team building and good company? Simply: hand in hand.

Company - is about people. Good company - they are happy people. And because we know how for you the satisfaction of your employees important, we will cooperate. Cooperation in strengthening the links between your employees, increase their motivation and productivity.

And that team building is the right recipe for everything we listing the above.

Through teambuilding employees spend their time spent together outside the work environment, team building can convey their shared experiences, which will be long remembered by all. Teambuilding is also a form of thanksgiving and expression of its appreciation of the work of its people.

Through teambuilding to improve mutual communication within the group and strengthen the solidarity of individuals with the team. All this is important to break down the barriers that prevent not only the very functioning of the group, but also creativity and spontaneous expression.

Let's get a brief successful teambuilding positives: increased morale, loyalty to the company, to develop leadership skills, constructive work on the strengths and weaknesses of the team and its individual members. And it's not enough. Conversely, in some situations, these new skills acquired through teambuilding save not only the team but the entire company.

Therefore, you and your company offer exceptional teambuilding and group-based training and individual improvisations.

Teambuilding awaken emotions, release and encourage individual team members, who also returns a taste for other activities. Thanks Teambuilding also disrupt deeply rooted stereotypes and integrity of the inspection so common to everyday problems.



During teambuilding work with concepts such as experience, communication, empathy, cooperation, focus on the ”here and now. We focus on the ability to positively develop the situation in relation to the real position of an individual in the team.

We are ready and able to organize teambuilding in your work environment, mountain resorts and sunny resorts.

Contact us and do not be afraid to ask for details.

We are ready to answer your questions about everything at the beginning of a tentative talk and prepare your company custom team building.


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