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  • Hotel Morris Česká Lípa
  • Hotel Morris Česká Lípa
  • Hotel Morris Česká Lípa
  • Hotel Morris Česká Lípa

Outdoor and sport activities

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Outdoor and sports actvities

Sports activities

Relax centre:     bowling, squash (1 km from hotel)
Aquapark:          Sportareál (1 km from hotel)
Golf:                     ranch Malevil (25 km)
Tennis courts:   Česká Lípa (0,5 km from hotel)
Horse riding:      Sloup v Čechách (10 km from hotel), ranch Malevil (25 km)

Outdoor activities

Hotel provide trips and programmes to neighbourhood (sight-seeing of glass factories with possiblity to actively join a glass making and glass buying), visits of museums, boat trips on Máchaś lake, castles and manor houses in our region with posibility to make a catering services in place of visit. Panská skála (natural reservation), Liberec town – sightseeings, multifunction sports hall...

Team-building programmes and team development with the Agency NEW DAY

Corporate events in hotel Morris exactly to your requirements!

Do you need to motivate your partners, reward employees or organize a workshop in an attractive and pleasant environment? We will organize courses of teambuilding and team development for you, we will renew your meetings for the management, conferences, corporate meetings. We will prepare incentive trips, sports days and other events. With our partner agency NEWDAY we project a programme to match your ideas, your corporate culture and financial capacity.


We will prepare corporate event in the following spheres:

- Team courses
- Entertainment
- Adrenaline and adventure


Team courses

Team-building courses - are one of the most common ways to start dynamics, improve the atmosphere, enhance trust, move on individual team members and team itself to a greater productivity and allow more mutual understanding within a larger group.

With so many "fun and experiential" activities we create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, we use non-traditional means, a pleasant form of language and theatrical imaginary stories which motivate participants to a higher performance and greater involvement.

Time required for team courses: 1 / 2 to 3 days

The most popular scenarios are: Team Spirit, Humanus, Gold Rush, Mission Impossible and many others.

Each course is designed with the original setting from individual client. We can prepare an award based on the specifications of your setting.


The main aim of entertainment is to free atmosphere, have a great fun, intensify and build business and personal relationships, learn something new and enjoy a lot of fun and laughing.

The most popular evening programmes are: Hawaii Party, Casino Royal, Rallye Monte Carlo, Cooking Star, Houskeeping inside out, Reporters, Ideal client, Beefeater, Election Campaign

The most common daily entertainment programmes are: Escape from Alcatraz prison, Fort Boyard, Da Vinci code

Time required for evening programmes: 1,5 to 3 hours

Time required for daily programmes: 2,5 to 8 hours

Adrenalin and adventure

As a part of your corporate or social events we would like to prepare for you fun and adrenaline activities which appropriately complement the character of your event. We would adjust the adventure activities to any time and organizational requirement.

One of the options to appropriately complete your programme may be a visit of Adrenalin Park – the rope center. For the inspiration please visit

List of activities:

mountainous terrain scooters, traverse rallye, go-karts, off-road boogies, segway, in-line skating, archery, crossbow, air rifle shooting with optics on automatic target, shooting an air pistol Smith & Wesson on automatic target, blow darts, shooting sling-shots, throw a knife and stars, trim air, hot air ballooning, kiting (towing the parachute), including off-road board or snowboard, sailing, riding on motor boats and water skiing, climbing wall, climbing on rocks, roping down, bridging the valley, strategic team games using GPS, adventure game in a former underground military factory and other outdoor activities.



The story is situated to the gold rush time in the environment of wild Alaska. The whole concept of this game is accompanied by a huge motivation and a strong desire to win. Program itself is focused on fun, team communication and motivational team competition.

Along the way teams orientate with special maps and perform various tasks, such as Indian bridges, Dall track, archery, all on board, tracker, dynamite, recovery of the river, etc. If the most successful team gathers all relevant evidence and correctly solve the riddle it can locate the place with a hidden reward at the end of the program. The program is very exciting up to the latest seconds.


The course takes place in the Adrenalin Park Janská area and surrounding underground tunnels of a former military factory, about 25 minutes from Česká Lípa. The story follows the historical events in this valley actually occurred.

The program is focused on team dynamics, the use of strengths and overcoming physical and mental challenges.

Uniqueness and historical value of the site has quite stunning impression. Thanks to a very unique environment the participants themselves find out the demands of a teamwork, the ability to adapt to themselves, to learn more about your colleagues in situations they have never experienced before. The program includes a rope down from 40 meters high rock-cliff, cross the cable footbridge over the brook, orientation in the underground labyrinth of former military factories, adrenalin-lift, the highest swing in the CR and several team challenges.


The atmosphere of a real casino ... decent music, croupiers in white gloves, BANK, bills, drafts, cash, roulette, Black Jack, dice and other gambling games are waiting for distinguished guests.

Everyone receives the same input, and then it lacks only the luck. If you are not lucky the bank is always willing to lend you (at a convenient exchange bill for certain services indeed). At the end of the evening the bills of exchange are being bid and those who were lucky in the game can get an interesting voucher of various services proposed by the participants themselves.


A unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the car race... At the same time the team practices its necessary perfect teamwork. The team races on a special circuit where all members take turns in driving, changing tires, adding oil and fuel during the race a quick service take place. Racing specialty is a radio remote controlled car. Driver maneuvre the racing car using the instructions from his team colleagues. In a stunning and thrilling show you will feel the same excitement as in a real car race.

Outdoor activities

Hotel provide trips and programmes to neighbourhood (sight-seeing of glass factories with possiblity to actively join to making of the glass, visitation of museums, boat trips on Máchaś lake, castles and manor houses in our region with posibility to make a catering services in place of visitation).


Next hotel focuses on unconventional and sports programmes (ordering of sports tournaments, golf and tennis matches, riding od horseback, lessons of skidding on karby motor-racing circuit, races of „buggati“ and racing of terrain motor-car in wood circle).

We offer providing sports programme in AUTODROM Sosnová (about 3km), where we will provide programme according to your  requests (lease of railway, go-karts, offroad, drive-simulators, buggati, seminar rear, catering , others).

Sports programme

Tennis courts : Česká Lípa

Golf: ranch Malevil (28kms)

Sportareál: Česká Lípa – swimming pool, ice-stadium, fitness centre „GYM“

The trips to the neighbourhood

The hotel provides trips to neighbourhood too, glass museum, museum in Česká Lípa, glass factories and glass works with professional visitation in Nový Bor and neighbourhood, castels and manor houses in our region, Máchaś lake and the boat trips. We will provide the trips with a guide: Prague and neighbourhood, Mělník, Mladá Boleslav, Liberec and Ještěd, etc.

Possible variations (choice according to your request)

Group activities (20 – 30 persons)

The people need to split into two groups, each group of 20 – 30 persons. Groups will try all of following activities.

1st. Group (time duration about 150 minutes)

-warming up with a lector in the near park

-long distance race, about 2000m

-light aerobic with music, combining of fitness bicycle, spinning, running band, stepper, rowing trainer – all under control personal instructors

-health nutrition – mini lecture

-callanetics with yoga

-exercising with baloons (stretch with instructor)


2nd. group (time period about 150 minutes)



-cosmetic service (skin cleansing, mask, depilation)





The activities for group „men only“ (they won´t be in wellness group)

-time duration about 150 minutes



-we can recommend to you the climbing wall with instructor

-the horse riding

-active spinning with trainer and music


Outside the Hotel Morris

-time duration about 300 minutes with transfer by bus

-providing of catering in the place of operation, possibility to serve the lunch on the spot

- the school of skidding in Autodrom

-racing on go-karts

-drive in cross-country buggini and 4wheel drives (in stone-pit, in wood area, in sand pit, in exercise conditions-incl. catering onthe spot)

-tightrope climbing up and down and cableway

-orientation race in pairs (performance of the tasks, run for a short time, gather up marks)

-survival (run through the wood, extreme tasks for survival, solution of asertive behaviour, problem solving)


-          relaxing 30 minutes, possibility to warm up in sauna

-          2 masseuse, 10x cure (procedure all morning)

Cosmetic services

-          basic  30 minutes services according to customerś wish

-          possibility of face-massage

-          possibility of whirpool, rubbing bath

-          2 cosmeticians, 10x cure


-          make-up, 30 minutes

-          1 physiognomyst, 5x cure


-          haircut and draft from hair-stylist, 30 minutes trim

-          2 x hair-dressers, 10x cure


-          30 minutes feet arrangement

-          possibility of warming-up feet

-          1 x pedicurist, 5x cure


-          30 minutes of nail trim with possibility of nail varnish

-          possibility of hand massage

-          1x manicurist, 5x cure

Yoga, callanetics, tai-chi

-          all the morning time there will be a lector in the near park  or in lounge in 1 floor

-          1x for everyone according to interest

Packet of services accoring to formatting, or according to selection

-          2-3 cures for a person

Packet for everyone according to interest

-          sauna, fitness, lector of callanetics, yoga, tai-chi

GRANUITIES, DISCOUNTS, BONUSES AND COMMISSIONS – are a matter of specific order of our services.


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