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Wandering behind the glass


The glass manufacture Ajeto is situated in a small village Lindava close to the city Nový Bor. Luxurious and exclusive glass articles from this glasswork you can see at galeries of the whole world. Also a number of the state residencies and manors or residencies of few celebrities are decorated by these glassworks done by local glass work artists.

The unique style of manufacturing and international reputation was given to this glass manufacture by  worldwidely acclaimed designers Petr Novotny, Borek Sipek who in a cooperation with a technologist Libor Fiala were at the birth of glasswork Ajeto. The exclusive works of art are not made only by these designers but also by designs of artist and designers from all over the world.

You can see some of these pieces of art while you visit the glass manufacture right at the Lindava or at the restaurant Ajeto in the Nový Bor. While you would be enoying your meal you can be part of the birt of a new piece of this fragile treasure done by the best czech glassmakers. The only and unique view and the unforgettable experience is enabled by a beautiful crystal wall, behind which there is the life picture of this process of manufacturing those treasures.

People who are interested in buying this decorative glass or glass jewel done with a cooperations with fashion designer Liběna Rochova will be able to choose a perfect gift at the Gallery Ajeto in Nový Bor.

Glass manufacture or glass restaurant Ajeto are very interesting and unconventional environments for organizing a business events or family events.

Get to know the work of glassblowers from a close point of view.

The excursion at the glasswork Ajeto with a seating at the Glassmaking pub.

There is an opportunity of a tour through the glass manufacture at Lindava.You will get a possibility to see how the glowing glass mass is changing into a fragile beauty in the hands of glassmaking masters.

Who will not resist, can try the work of these masters by a glass blowpipes and make their first own exclusive glass product.

Your excitement and great experience you can absorb at the stylish glasswork pub Ajeto while eating some of their great refreshments. You can also buy some glass souvenires made by glassmakers form Ajeto.