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  • Hotel Morris Česká Lípa


Outdoor training

-          game with legend

-          jousts

-          high rope

-          sports programs

-          tangrams, rebuses, labyrinths

-          mountain bikes

-          raftings, canoes, sea kayaks

-          climbing on the rocks, simulated walls, rappeling

-          potholing tours

-          ski, racket, skialps, snow scooters

-          off road cars, four-wheelers

-          psychology interactive games

-          icebreak activities

-          archem

-          paintball

-          creative programs


Indoor training

Media training

Media training, how to stand out not only in media.


Media training is meant for nonspecialists as professional too. Media training is advisable for all, who stands out or presents his work in front of more people and need to know, how their presence takes effect  on their communications opposite.

With help of skilful lector , cameras, audio recording and others  instruments you will learn to recognize nuances in your speech better at media training and get skills, you need for sure presence at official situations.

You will learn work with your voice, countenance and speech, with your emotions and motions and find out how to adapt oneself to conditions and most maket he best of it to your profit.

You will make sure your communications strategies in front of camera, which makes  with lector and partakers a original and thank to way of operating of training of feed-back too.

Our media trainings are arranged to clientś regest always. It works individually in small groups of 1-5 persons.

L.i. Learning impro

Training is usable in all zone of oneself-experience education practically.

Itś advisable for as homogeneous working groups, so for groups, which are not line up together in daily working  operation  too, but despite of it they need to be in touch together (director – employees, top management of hotel – receptionist).

-          L.i. training is based on rules of associated and individual improvizes. Training works with emotions, liberates, encourages and motivates group, returns a flavour to others activities and change a stereotype sight to conflicts.

-          L.i. training use of principles of social drama, top view, funny and humor. These elements develops and bases on them, what is not ordinary in so excating psychology-social activities.

-          L.i. training use of potential of individual at the most and proves  to use his apparent absences. It doesn´t produce stereotypes, but it learns you to work with yourself whole potential, which is naturally seted in complex. It learns a group to work with individuals and individuals – personalities to connect up to team work.

-          L.i. training develops an authenticity and is concious her potential in every move.

-          Graduation of communications training L.i. Learning impro you will get  and your company these practical skills in these zones:

-          Authentic communication (get clear of stereotypes, be able to listen, cooperation)

-          Marketable skills (motivation technics, focus on individuality of client, questions)

-          Solving conflict situations in group (involvement all wits and an accessible appliances,experience connected with „I see effect“, practical training in model situation)

-          Training of soft skills (communication in group, personality conditioning and theirs advancement)

-          Team building (action, interconnection body and reason, rhythm and calm, mutual respect)



Karin Genton-LÉpée, borned in France, found L´Epée Coaching & Consulting company in USA in 1988. Ten years later she set  with a company in Czech Republic.

She has a certificate for exercitation of technics  Neuro- linguistic programming (NLP) and Neuro-associative operation (NAC), in her activity is oriented to communication (with oneself and others), ordination of humanly sources (insertion working groups, controls conflicts, managing of stress, controls projects and others)

Among clients of her company belongs Radio Sbobodná Evropa, hotel Hilton, Poclain, Hydraulics, Zephyr Telecommunications and others. She works only in English and French.


How to get together teambuilding and good company? Simply: arm in arm.

Company – they are people first at all. Good company – they are satisfied people. And why we know, as is satisfaction of your employees important, we offer to you a cooperation. Cooperation with consolidation of commitment between your employees, during the theirs motovation and productivity.


And just teambuliding is right tip for everything, what we said above.

Through teambuilding you presents your employees an experience moments spent together except of working atmosphere, teambuilding will manage to arrange common experiences, which they they will member for a long time. Teambuilding is form of thanks and axpression, that you appreciates of the works of your employees.


Through teambuilding will qualitied communication inside of group and confirm solidarity of individuals with team.

All is important for breakdowning ofbarriers, wchich blockades to function of group, but in spontaneous speech too.

letś draw up a positives of successful teambuliding: increases of working morality, loyalty towards to company, development of master abilities,

constructive work on forceful and weak qualities of team and his members. And it is few at all. Contra, in some situations can this new, thanks to building acquisition skills save not only team, but whole company.

Itś why we offer to you and your company unique teambulings training based on team and individual improvize.


Teambulding will wake up emotions, will relax and inspirit individual members of group, which it will return a flavour to others activities. Thanks to building it will deep reduce a stereotyp, so often made during the daily troubles.


During the teambuilding we works with conceptions as is oneself experience, communication, empathy, cooperation, concetrations  on „now and here“.

We focuse to  ability to develop the situation positive with connection of real position of concrete individual in team.

We are ready and able to arrange teambuilding in your working atmosphere, alpine resorts or sunny resorts.


Contact us and don´t hesitate to ask for details to us.

We are  ready to answer your questions, to make a talk about all for beginning and arrange for your company teambuilding  according to your request.