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  • Parkhotel Morris Nový Bor
  • Parkhotel Morris Nový Bor

Outdoor and sport activities


We mention possible options (it depends on your requirement)


The people need to split into two groups – each group of  20 – 30 persons

Every group will try all of following activities.


1st. group (time duration around 150 minutes)

Warming up with a lector in the near park

Long distance race, about 2000 m

Light aerobic with music, combining of fitness bicycle, spinning, running band, stepper, rowing trainer – all under control personal instructors

Health nutrition  - mini lecture


Exercising with baloons (stretch with instructor)



2nd. group (time period around 150 minutes)



Cosmetic service (skin cleansing, mask, depilation)





 The activities for group „men only“ (they won´t be in wellness group)

time duration around 150 minutes)



We can recommend to you the climbing wall with instructor

The horse riding

Active spinning with trainer and music



Outside the Hotel

time duration about 300 minutes with transfer by bus, provided catering in the place of operation, possibility to serve the lunch on the spot:

The school of skidding in Autodrom

Racing on go-karts

Drive in cross-country buggini and 4wheel drives (in stone-pit, in wood area, in sand pit,

in excercise conditions – incl. catering on the spot)

Tightrope climbing up and down and cableway

Orientation race in pairs (performance of the tasks, run for a short time, gather up marks)

Survival (run through the wood, extreme tasks for survival, solution of asertive behaviour, problem solving)











Massage :                   relaxing 30 minutes

possibility to warm-up in sauna

2 masseuse                                         10 x cure

(procedure all morning)


Cosmetic services :    basic 30 minutes services according to customer´s wish

                                   possibility of face-massage

                                   possibility of whirlpool, rubbing bath

                                   2 x cosmeticians                                 10 x cure



Physiognomyst:         make-up, 30 minutes

                                   1x physiognomyst                                 5 x cure



Hairdresser´s:           haircut and draft from hair-stylist

                                   30 minutes trim

                                   2 x  hair-dressers                                10 x cure



Pedicure :                  30 minutes feet arrangement

                                   possibility of warming-up feet

                                   1x  pedicurist                                             5 x cure



Manicure :                 30 minutes of nail trim with possibility of nail varnish

                                   possible hand massage

                                   1x manicurist                                                 5 x cure



Yoga, Pilates, Tai – chi :

all the morning time there will be a lector in the near park or in lounge

1x  lector                                           for everyone according to interest



Packet of services according to formatting,

or according to selection :                2-3 cures for a person


Packet for everyone according to interest:

(sauna, fitness, lector for Pilates, yoga, tai – chi)












 relax services (sauna, fitness, rest plans, hair dresser and cosmetic services), hotel provides trips and programmes to surroundings (visit to glass factories with a possibility to take part in the process of glass making, visits of museums, boat trips on Mácha´s lake, castles and manor houses with an option of catering services on the spot). Hotel focuses on unconventional and sport programmes (organising sport tournaments, golf and tennis matches, horse riding, school of skidding at nearby motor-racing circuit Autodrom, booggie and off-road races in the woods)



Hotel also arranges sociable turn-key operations including complete catering services inside or out of hotel (sociable evenings with programme, music, decorations, organised wine and cheese tastings, barman fire show, magic show, unconventional culinary dinners – fish specialities, sushi, cook show in front of a guest, tasting menu with a show of intercommon...) Hotel will adjust to any clients wish and is helpful to clients requirements  of programme and scenario of the operation. We will provide mentioned services with qualified staff who speaks English and/or German.





are a matter of specific order of our services