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Solná inhalační jeskyně

Salt inhalational chamber at the hotel Parkhotel Morris **** Nový Bor

How does the stay in the salt inhalational chamber goes through?

Is it your first time in the salt inhalational chamber and you have no idea what to expect? The relaxation in the salt inhalational chamber is very easy and pleasant.

The stay in the salt inhalational chamber is dedicated to all age categories also for kids and pregnant women. It is also very good for athletes as a complement for a regeneration.

Salt inhalational chamber is a place where you can possibly calm down and relax and let the power of the salt agregators work on you. During this procedure you will relax with accompaniment with a pleasant music and colorful lights.

During the lighting treatement there are used warm shades of yellow, orange and red color wich will fill up the body with new energy. On the other side colors like purple, light blue or indigo calm down senses and cheer up your mood.

It is recommended to dress up with a long sleaved shirt. there is a temperature around 20-30 degrees of Celsius. If you felt cold in the salt inhalational chamber than there is a blanket that you might use. You must have a clean shoes into the chamber.


Salt inhalational chamber ir a revolutionary news with a worldvidely original patent. It is new medical and certified device which with a naturally based salt ions cleans up an air and makes a clima of salt chamber ideal for homes, schools, kindergartens, waiting rooms, hotels, offices, wellnesses, spas etc...

Teraupetic effects:

- Asthma

- Alergies

- Bronchititis

- inflammation of larynx

- cold, cough

- it increases an immunity of the kids and while they are sick

Hygienic effects:

While using the salt agregator there is an improvement of the air quality. It works against dust and gets rid off a cigarette smell. It also eliminates unwanted smells (swet, fungus and old books) the air will become fresh and very pleasant for breathing.

Medical effects:

It makes a salt chamber clima inside of your offices or houses for better relaxation or pleasant working atmosphere.

• increases the resistance to getting sick
• calming sleep
• inducts calm sleep 
• decreases breathing problems

Is priceless while healthy treatements of:

neurosa, stress, depressions, high blood pressure, heart-vessels disease, consequences of a brain incidents, asthma, alergies, bronchittis, larynx,pneumonia, cold, rhinitis, snoaring, rusting, smokers cough, breathing apparatus, gastric ulcer, duodenum, crohns disease, atopic eczema, acne, psoriasis

How does it work?

Salt inhalational chamber - was built on the basic patent method. There are used salt ions on the cleaned up salt from Transylvian Carpathians by the patented method in many layers.  They loosen out from it to the air and create a unique clima of salt chamber.

Salt inhalational chamber works as an ionizer.

Ideal for cleaning up the air after using the AC.

Color therapy

While your stay at the salt chamber there is also a color therapy working on.

Color therapy is a method of an alternative treatment with the use of healing by colors. Lighting by colors can be used during many different healthy troubles. This alternative treatement can be seen very often in any other salt inhalational chambers.

Color therapy has roots in  ayurvede probably. Some people asign it's  origins to the Chinese or old egyptians culture. Every single humans organ is connected to its own color. Ayurvede defined connection of the seven main chacras with colors. Chacras separate  and hold the enerergy in the body. Everyhacra has it's dominate color these colors might get into  disharmony. This might  cause disharmony in a human body. However by using the right color it is possible to get rid off this disharmony.

Doctors opinion on the salt inhalation chamber

Prague specialist prof. MUDr. Jiří Homolka, DrSc. is specialized on the respirathory diseases, and writes about the effects of the artiffically built salt inhalational chambers.

There is a new hit in the Czech Republic: artifficially built salt inhalational chambers. By the confirmation of the specialist prof. MUDr. Jiří Homolka, DrSc., the stay in the salt inhalation chamber has a positive impact on the effects of the asthma. it also helps to get rid off  the hay cold and any other respiratory problems.