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  • Parkhotel Morris Nový Bor
  • Parkhotel Morris Nový Bor
  • Parkhotel Morris Nový Bor
  • Parkhotel Morris Nový Bor
  • Parkhotel Morris Nový Bor

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Infocentrum Nový Bor

Waterpark Staré Splavy

Right on the beach of the very well known touristic resort Máchovo jezero in a spa town Staré Splavy, not far from town Doksy, is completely original waterpark. Visite this unique beach resort with so many unusual atraction included in the price.

Visite this unique beach resort with so many unusual atractions included in the price. There are two superfast slides, swimming pool - right in the lake - with a massage bench, peddal boats, and mainly unique inflatable water attractions as giant trampolines, water swing and volyball, high icebergs for the brave climbers and much more.

The News  of this season is the possibiliti of camping, whole day programm with a break on the steamship.

In the shade of palm trees you'll taste the drinks from THE BAR ON THE BEACH, italian specialities are prepared in PIZZERIA with a view on the Bezděz castle.

Facilities: pizzeria, fast food, pastery shop, bar, hotel inflatable water atraction, swimming pool, slides, paddle boats, showers, changin rooms, toalets.

ADULTS     100,- CZK

KIDS 2 - 12 YEARS     80,- CZK

SENIORS      50,-  CZK

Waterpark Sloup v Čechách

Natural waterpark located on the shore of the Radvanecký rybník. For bikers there are marked routes. In the area there is a table tenis and for kids a slid into the water. In case of a bad weather it is possible to visit centers of the Nový Bor, Česká Lípa or Liberec.

There are avalible 8 boats to rent. If you are the owner of fishing permitions you can buy a permit for sport fishing.


restaurant, fastfood, bathrooms, showers with warm and cold water, WC


The distance from the hotel is: 4 km

Máchovo lake–

The main beach and beach Klůček

The offered services:

paddle boats, boats, canoes, windsurfing, steam boats tours, water atractions, "foot-ball", beachball, water football, adrenaline sports ( jumping castles, trampolines), slides, tree climbing (jungle creek)


restauration, fast food, stands, showers, changing rooms, toilets.

First aid is covered by well trained medics.



50,- CZK

Kids age 4 to 15, seniors

20,- CZK

United price in case of bad weather for swimming

20,-CZK / person


Distance form the hotel: circa 27 km




Ponds in nature. Association Regata Máchovo jezero a.s. takes care of two beaches of Máchovo Lake, including the ships' transportation, boat renting,  paddle boats and other sport equipments. The camp offers accomodation in a friendly and calm natural surrounding with all kinds of activities for visitors.




Hamer pond is used for fishing and recreational purpose. On its shores you can find waterparks and camp with sanitary facilities, showers with hot and cold water, restaurant, buffets and fastfoods. This pond was built in the 16th century and its whole size is 56 ha and is dived into former army place. The dam is planted with huge willows. This area is very nicely prepared for bikers.

Water park in the freenature. Table tenis, minigolf, golf courts, Koupaliště ve volné přírodě. Stolní tenis, minigolf, tenisové kurty, ship rental, bicycles rental, and water attraction, fishing.


restaurant, fastfood, outdoor showers, cabine showers, WC, dressing rooms.

Entrance fee:



Kids 3 - 15 years


The distance from the hotel: 26 km